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QUANTITY  4 persons

Christmas Coconut Shrimp

​Here I am proposing the shredded coconut, because the shrimps and the coconut have a delicate and a discreet flavor. Thus, neither of them takes the dominance over the other and it balances the flavors.

This dish is perfect for a friend or a family gathering during the holidays. But also for those special moments with your partner

Ingredients and utensils

 20 shrimps 26-30ct
20cl of coconut milk

200g unsweetened shredded coconut
3 tablespoon of olive oil
2 pieces of butter (size of two hazelnuts)

Pan for crepes or a plancha
A big lid
Paper towel
A small glass
Wooden board or a decorated plate


Defrost the shrimps in the refrigerator covered all night (slow method), or in a bowl of cold water (fast method).
Fill up a glass of coconut milk.
Once defrosted, dry the shrimps to remove all the excess water. It is a really important step, if not the coconut milk will not be able to coat the shrimps properly.
One by one, dip the shrimps in the coconut milk and then dredge them in the shredded coconut. The shrimps need to have a white thick layer. Roll the shrimps well in the shredded coconut to make them stick together.
Once all the shrimps are coated, heat the pan on a medium heat and add oil and butter.
When the oil and butter are hot, carefully add the shrimps in the pan.
After two minutes, flip the shrimps carefully when they are golden (use a small spatula or a spoon if needed).
Cover again, and let the shrimps cook on the other side for two more minutes.
Remove the pan from the heat, and place the shrimps on a wooden board or a decorated plate.

Note that this appetizer is delicate as much by the manipulation of the shrimps (because it is necessary to leave their golden coat) but also by the flavors that are there. Nothing too strong or intense.
Therefore, the Coconut Shrimps would go well with white wine, which is discreet and sophisticated. For example, the wine “Bourgogne Aligoté” would go well with this dish.
Don’t forget that the pleasure is in moderation!

Enjoy your meal!