MBK Chef Consultant Services 

Menu & brand concept development;
Kitchen design or equipment selection;
Restaurant start-up planning;
Staff training & personnel structure;
Product promotion & demonstrations;
Catering or event planning;
Construction reviews;
New product evaluations;
Systems or standards development.

MBK Presentation 

Drawing on a rich family heritage and creative vision, MBK Consulting services specializes in the culinary arts and everything that goes with them. From menu concepts to kitchen design or event planning, we’ve done it all. Our clients range from five-star hotels to airport kiosks, but we also support entrepreneurs just starting out in developing their ideas. Whether you are opening a franchise or simply looking for an income boost at a premium dining establishment we can help. No project is too small.


Our firm excels with kitchen and restaurant staff training and management. We can do a complete overhaul to your personnel structure or simply offer professional development workshops that upgrade skills, motivate and inspire the culinary appetite. Let us help put you on the map, or if you’re already on one, let us remind everyone in your community why they love you!