MBK Chef Consultant Services 

As the name implies, we hold your hand through every step of a restaurant launch, allowing our expertise to touch every aspect of the project. We get more involved in areas where you need more help and less in areas where you have it all under control. With our team having been involved in over many restaurants openings, it is a huge asset to have us on your side.

Business Plan
Menu Development
Brand Development
Concept Development
Systems and Procedures
Staff training
Site Selection
Kitchen design


Want to take your restaurants to the next level? Looking for fresh ideas or menu trends to keep your concept fresh and relevant to market? Need to make sure franchisees are in compliance with or meeting brand standards?

We can implement standardized systems, operational tools, or execute restaurant audits. We can develop your brand profitability with product development, menu engineering, and team-member training. Extensive experienced in purchasing, master distributor transition, development or improvement of existing proprietary products enabling your concept to save money and improve quality.
 MBK Chef Consultant Services has experience launching Canadian restaurants in Canada and adapting International concepts to be successful in the Canadian marketplace

At MBK chef consultant services we can help improve your operations and processes to improve the businesses financial outcome.

Menu development: Your menu is the backbone of your operation. It is what you are in business for – what your guests come for. We will tune-up your menu and make it an out of this world experience for you and your guests – and that leads to more guest traffic.
Menu engineering: The menu engineering process starts with a complete costing of your menu, so that you know the exact cost, margin and profit of each item. This process usually results in a 3-7 % of sales profit increase.
System and procedure implementation: Properly implemented Systems and Procedures do many things, but serve to eliminate shrinkage, and give you, more control of your business.
Staff training: To give your guests satisfaction of the professional experience, your staff needs to be functioning at incredibly high levels. Whether you are fine dining, or a pub, excellence in staff execution is something that can be delivered at all levels and styles of restaurants.

MBK Chef consulting has a proven track record of leading new concepts from business start-up to opening day.
We have the experience to provide concept development strategies and best practice operating principles that will create long lasting brand loyalty and outstanding sales performance.
We find our greatest satisfaction when we are able to collaborate with clients who believe that excellence in food quality and service really matters and are dedicated to it. 
Our creative passion for your project and concern for you and your guests’ total satisfaction is our primary objective.